Making the university a transforming force in global health


In December 2011, the Consortium of Universities for Global Health merged with Global Health Education Consortium (GHEC). The CUGH and GHEC Boards of Directors believed that the merger presented the opportunity to achieve our shared vision of making the university a transforming force in global health.


  • With near unanimous support from the CUGH Membership and the GHEC Board of Directors, the representatives of both Boards formally signed an agreement and plan of merger at the November 13-15 Annual Meeting in Montreal, Canada.
  • The CUGH and GHEC Boards have worked to approve an Organizational Plan that addresses all remaining closing conditions and to file relevant legal documents.
  • GHEC has merged with and into CUGH, and has agreed that the resulting organization shall retain the name, "Consortium of Universities for Global Health" (the "New CUGH").
  • The New CUGH will continue to be governed by the applicable laws of the District of Columbia* and will also be governed by a Board of Directors with representation from the original CUGH and GHEC Boards, supplemented by persons drawn from outside the traditional health disciplines.
  • Membership criteria and policies of the New CUGH as well as program activities and operational plans have been approved by the original CUGH and GHEC Boards of Directors as set forth in the Organizational Plan.


  • Strengthening and improving the field of global health
  • Shared inter- and multi-disciplinary approach to global health education


  • GHEC: 20+ years of improving the quality and effectiveness of global health education through the development of educational resources, sponsorship of annual conferences, exchanges with overseas partners, and the involvement of students.
  • CUGH: leadership in global health education, advocacy and operations. Builds collaborations between and among university and department leadership, program and funding partners, and policy makers.


  • 64 CUGH members
  • 100 GHEC members
  • 52 joint members


Stays the Same

  • Paid academic institutions continue as voting members – one vote/member institution
  • 1/3 of board members selected by membership
  • Complimentary membership to developing country partner institutions
  • Education, Advocacy, Enabling Systems, Information Resources, and Communications Programs

Changes and Improvements

  • New membership categories will include a wider range of global health programs and partners
  • Increased involvement of students through establishment of Student Advisory Committee
  • Plans to establish Washington, DC office with full-time staff