2015 CUGH Video Competition Winner - Innovations in Global Health

Ghana's Disability Community
Tom Haig
Andrew Haig
A former world class professional athlete, after a spinal cord injury Tom Haig has dedicated himself to building academic Physiatry around the globe. In addition to this series of documentaries about (and for) rehabilitation professionals in Ghana, France, Bangladesh, China, Albania and elsewhere, he is the unpaid communications director of the International Rehabilitation Forum, the major academic consortium dedicated to building medical rehabilitation in low-resource countries. He is a popular teacher of rehabilitation from the patient’s perspective in medical schools in the US and around the world.
This is an abridged version of a 35 minute video entitled The IRF Goes to Ghana. The IRF is an international collection of rehabilitation physicians who work in the most challenging areas of the world. In the full version of the video I went in depth on the lack of rehab doctors in Ghana - and Africa as a whole. But for the purposes of this competition, I highlighted the incredible efforts made by both the Ghanian Society of the Physically Disabled, and one specific chapter in the remote northern town of Garu.
In a region that most consider under-developed, these people have created the most effective disability organization on the continent - and one that rivals groups in any wealthy country. I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed creating it - and be sure to watch the full-length version when you get a chance!

Ghana's Disability Community