Contestant: CUGH-Pulitzer 2016 Global Health Video Competition (Innovation Category)

OAC: Surgery in the Front-line of AIDS Prevention and Global Health
CUGH-Pulitzer 2016 Global Health Video Competition Contestant (Innovation Category)
By January 2016 over 10 million adult and adolescent men in Sub-Saharan Africa had undergone voluntary medical male circumcision [VMMC].
The efficacy of this one-time, short surgical intervention in reducing HIV transmission is supported by scientific evidence, including three randomized controlled trials and numerous observational and ecological studies and follow-ups.
In 2006 the World Health Organization and UNAIDS called on assistance from NGO Jerusalem AIDS Project to assist in developing normative guidelines for VMMC and to transfer effectively the unique Israeli experience in mass adult male circumcision to Africa.
“Operation Abraham Collaborative” [OAC] is a global health innovation model of North-South technology and know-how transfer by joint Israeli-Senegalese teams to East and Southern Africa. Accepting the estimated figures of 5 circumcisions averting one HIV infection, OAC has contributed directly and indirectly to saving of several million Africans from HIV/AIDS.
Featuring the first implementation of the OAC Model in Swaziland in 2006 and later in KZN, South Africa – at St Mary’s Hospital– the acclaimed documentary video has captured the special collaboration promoted by OAC as a demonstration of a commitment to Global Health innovation.
Using humour, scientific evidence and illuminating the on-site training and receptivity of the population to this new intervention – this is a unique opportunity to have a ‘view from within’ on the largest ever surgical campaign in Africa.
Hanni Rosenberg, Inon Schenker, Moshe Westreich, Francis Serour, Eitan Gross Z”L, MFA-IL.

OAC: Surgery in the Front-line of AIDS Prevention and Global Health