Contestant: CUGH-Pulitzer 2016 Global Health Video Competition (Innovation Category)

Evidence Based Medicine For All
CUGH-Pulitzer 2016 Global Health Video Competition Contestant (Innovation Category)
UpToDate, one of the leading evidence-based resources in the U.S., is used by the vast majority of American medical students and residents 1,2 and is associated with lower mortality rates at the hospital level. 3 Due to high subscription fees, however, doctors in resource-limited settings don’t have access to UpToDate.
The Global Health Delivery Project at Harvard University established a collaboration with Wolters Kluwer, the parent company of UpToDate, to provide free access to qualified physicians in poor settings. We estimate that ~17,000 clinicians across the world have benefited from the service. Using millions of data points generated by UpToDate’s automatic logging system, we calculated that, in 2013- 2014, there were 150,000 unique log ins from our subscribers. 61% of them logged in at least weekly.
In order to more effectively target clinicians, we launched a new project with UpToDate to provide free access to ~6,000 medical students and faculty in 4 leading African medical schools. To assess the impact of this project, we will track the students’ usage of UpToDate (through automatic logging) and educational performance in medical school to establish whether there is a correlation between the two. As of today, ~300 Rwandan faculty members and ~300 Rwandan medical students have received free access through this new donation.
References (in text and in video)
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Yannis Valtis, Rebecca Weintraub, Keri Wachter, Marie Teichman, Teresa Oszkinis, Rehema Chande, Fredirick Mashili, Rodrick Kisenge, Tim Walker, Samuel Maling, Josephine Najjuma, Neil Kennedy, Becky Mueller, Denise Gilpin, Ellie Barron, Peter Bonis

Evidence Based Medicine For All