CUGH’s Capacity Building Sub-Committee (EC-CBS) Call for Membership

This sub-committee’s (SC) mission is to a) help identify, catalog and aggregate training, curricula and human resource needs from low and middle income countries (LMICS), b) identify context relevant training programs/resources, and c) share this information through a web based platform housed on the CUGH website.

Subcommittee members will develop opportunities for dialogue among institutions and organizations to identify accessible training resources (curricula and trainers) and good practices/programs at institutions and with individuals in low resource settings through accessible online tools. The subcommittee engages volunteers to develop the online platform and user interface through simple web-based design. The link to this site will be shared with and connected to CUGH’s website. Once a well-designed and functioning process is working, external funding will be sought to build more robust technological tools to power a larger scale operation.

Time Commitment:

  • Committee members serve for 3 years
  • Participation in at least 4 of 6 subcommittee meetings (occur 6 x a year)
  • Active participation in one of 5 priority working groups (meetings are at least monthly with 1-2 hours of work a week to accomplish working group tasks)
    • Group 1a: Identifying strategic / implementing partners, curricula and trainers and piloting the plan
    • Group 1b: Developing structure and usability of database and user interface
    • Group 1c: Planning matching algorithm/ informing data
    • Group 2: Evaluation and reporting of CBS activities
    • Group 3: Sustainability/ Identifying Grants

Interested candidates should send a resume with cover letter addressing the following:

  1. Reason for interest in serving on this subcommittee of CUGH
  2. Experience in health sciences education and research work force development in/for LMIC
  3. Please indicate if you have any of the following skills:
    • Technological database design
    • Work force development design and implementation
    • Project monitoring and evaluation
  4. Please indicate if you work in any of the following fields
    • Nursing education
    • Pharmacy education
    • Agriculture training
    • Dentistry education
    • Medical education
    • Management, Finance, Public Administration training
    • Engineering education
    • Public Health education
    • Veterinary Sciences education
    • Other

Application deadline: August 24, 2017.
Please send application to

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