CUGH-Pulitzer 5th Annual Video Competition: Honorable Mention in Advocacy in Global Health Category

Video Description: World Vision Kenya has been implementing the USAID-funded “Garba Tulla Health Timing and Spacing of Pregnancies/Family Planning (HTSP/FP) project”, under JSI/Advancing Partners & Communities (APC), since March 2014 in Isiolo County, Garba Tulla Sub-county, Kenya. The project aims to increase access to family planning services in the community, increase knowledge and interest in HTSP/FP within communities, and improve the social and policy environment for Family Planning services and positive Reproductive Health behaviors. The Garba Tulla project works hand in hand with the Kenyan Ministry of Health to support the strengthening of the health system both at facility and community levels by targeting five health facilities and over 120 Community Health Workers and facility- based health care providers with HTSP/Family Planning trainings and mentorship. The project strengthens the community-based programming in HTSP/FP as well as advocacy for improved service delivery at local and national levels through selected Community Health Committees (CHC) that are affiliated with Community Units (CU). The project uses two main service entry points, antenatal care and immunization, to increase uptake of HTSP/FP. The Garba Tulla project has also focused on male involvement in the communities by training male Community Health Volunteers, male Faith Leaders (Imams and Sheikhs), teachers, and male partners in HTSP/FP. Due to these efforts, the Garba Tulla community has seen an increase in family planning awareness and uptake and male involvement in the family planning method decision-making process.

Video Credits: Cynthia Nyakwama: World Vision Kenya, Family Planning Advisor; Lilian Chebon: World Vision Kenya, Program Officer Health; Gibson Kimani: World Vision Kenya, Program Manager, Garba Tulla; Melanie Lopez: World Vision US, Health Program Manager; Adrienne Allison: World Vision US, Sr. Technical Advisor

World Vision Kenya Healthy Spacing and Timing of Pregnancies