CUGH-Pulitzer 5th Annual Video Competition: Honorable Mention in Innovations in Global Health Category

Video Description: In many of the communities hit hardest by malnutrition, spread of relevant health information is limited by low penetration of radio and television and low literacy rates. Community video is an innovative approach to not only share information but build efficacy to change nutrition-related behaviors in rural communities. When community members see their neighbors model improved practice through videos made by those in their own community, they are more likely to believe they too can practice them. The videos also serve as an important catalyst for dialogue among mothers, fathers, mother-in-laws and other community members to address barriers to certain behaviors and strengthen an enabling environment for improved nutrition practices. This video features a testimonial from Basanti Mahji, a program beneficiary in Keonjhar, India, discussing the impact the videos from this collaboration have had on her life and the health of her children.

Video credits: Adam Booher, Digital Development Communications and John Nicholson, John Snow, Inc

Basanti's Story: Improving Nutrition through Community-led Video