CUGH-Pulitzer 5th Annual Video Competition: Winner in Innovations in Global Health Category

Video Description: With 2.4 billion people still lacking access to a toilet, our sanitation system is broken. This crisis is particularly evident in Haiti, which is home to the highest childhood diarrheal incidence rate in the world and the most virulent cholera epidemic in modern history. Many attempts to repair this system are themselves broken, focusing only on the provision of toilets and neglecting waste treatment.

SOIL is changing the story with a paradigm-shifting social business pilot, EkoLakay, an ecological sanitation solution that is rapidly gaining traction in Haiti and around the world. SOIL’s EkoLakay service provides over 1,000 families with safe and dignified sanitation all the while producing an endless supply of rich, organic compost critical for agriculture and reforestation. By removing pathogenic waste from the communities we serve, SOIL is transforming a public health problem into an environmental solution and combatting diseases like cholera and typhoid.

Video credits: AJ+

SOIL Fights Cholera by Transforming Poop into Rich Compost in Haiti – AJ+