Help Improve the Capacity Building Database

The CUGH Education Committee Capacity Building Subcommittee (EC-CBS) is developing a database to identify and match training needs and available resources among institutions having complementary priorities for mutual benefit. The database we are creating will eventually serve institutions across a broad geographic area and cover a wide range of technical arenas. We are in the early phases of development of this database which is currently available only to a limited audience for pilot testing.

The EC-CBS is comprised of members among a broad range of perspectives and geographic areas. Our end goal is to develop a database that responds to the needs and priorities of your institutions. Our hope is that the database will be highly accessible and result in the development of equitable partnerships.

We are requesting the assistance of end users and interested institutions in helping us inform the development of this project. Through a survey, we are hoping to gather information and feedback to help improve the developing database. We greatly appreciate your enthusiasm for this mutual goal and your consideration of responding to the following questions.

If you are not already familiar with the database, you can currently connect to it here:

As a point of reference to its content, The Capacity Building Database in its final form will, among many pieces of information, house the following key datapoints:

-Demographic information: Contact Name (Title / Position, Email, Institution, Location, etc.
-Institution's Training Capacity Identified Gap or Available Resources (per institutional priority)
-Technical focus: What is the technical focus of your institution's training capacity gap?
-Type of intervention: What is the application of the training requested? (e.g. clinical, diagnostic, therapeutic, surgical, community information & education, quality improvement)
-Workforce type involved: Who is your institution requesting be trained? (e.g. public health, medical students, midwives, nurses, lawyers, etc.)
-Training level: (e.g. pre-service, in-service, short training, extended training)
-Setting: What is the setting of your institution?
-Context and Scope of training needs or available expertise / resources.

In the future, when the database has full functionality, Institutions will be able to register their information and search the database for potential matches. Any information entered now will be eventually transferred to the final database, after confirmation. Thank you for your current help in pilot testing some of the basic aspects of this database.

Please contact us with any questions:
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