Member Highlights: Harvard University

A record number of attendees benefited from the eighth year of a Harvard program that trained Ebola first-responders.The Global Health Delivery Project at Harvard University, launched by current World Bank President Dr. Jim Kim, Partners In Health co-founder Dr. Paul Farmer, and Harvard Business School Professor Michael Porter, welcomes 52 mid-career global health professionals from 27 countries to an intensive training to improve how care is delivered and health organizations are managed around the world.

Delivering effective interventions to patients who need them remains one of the greatest hurdles facing medicine and public health, despite significant global health resources and many known solutions. The Global Health Delivery Project at Harvard (GHD) brings together and trains ministry leaders, implementers, educators, researchers, and students to bridge that gap. Participants enroll in three courses at the Harvard Chan School of Public Health and learn how to understand epidemiology and manage programs to strengthen health systems and delivery structures.

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