Press Release: The Consortium of Universities for Global Health Denounces the US Withdraw from the Paris COP

The Consortium of Universities for Global Health Denounces the US Withdraw from the Paris COP

Washington, DC-President Trump’s withdrawal of the United States from the Paris Agreement on Climate Change threatens the health and economic well-being of the United States and countries around the world. This decision runs counter to bipartisan support for improving health and economic outcomes in the US.

Scientific studies have for years repeatedly warned that the failure to reduce carbon emissions and curb global warming to below 2°C will damage all countries and will particularly hurt poor and marginalized populations. A new report released in Bioscience on November 5, 2019, by 11,258 scientists in 153 countries warned that the planet ‘clearly and unequivocally faces a climate emergency.’ It said that by 2030 the failure to reduce carbon emissions will cost the global economy a staggering $2 billion per day due to extreme weather events, crop failures, water insecurity, biodiversity losses, changing disease patterns. drought, starvation, pollution, migration, conflict, and damaged infrastructure.

“The jury on climate change is in. It is here, it is dangerous, and it threatens every country. Many scientific studies and reports, including those by the US Defense Department, have repeatedly stated that climate change is a clear and present threat to the United States and the global community,” said Dr. Keith Martin CUGH’s Executive Director.

We all need to make our voice heard on this issue. Everyone can make a difference. To do so, please:
Share: this statement, those from the Global Climate and Health Alliance, the American Public Health Association (below), and others from scientific
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  • GCHA’s press statement on this development:
  • APHA’s statement:
  • Use these statements as the basis for letters to editors, OP-EDs, or blogs. In the US, contact your congresspersons and ask them to stop the US from leaving the Accord. Make climate change a top-tier election issue when you vote.

    For more information: Contact Dr. Keith Martin, Executive Director, Consortium of Universities for Global Health at or (202)974-6363.