Runners to your mark, get set, WORLD HEALTH RUN. CUGH / Rotary / NPCA collaboration!

We are pleased to let you know that Consortium of Universities for Global Health is collaborating with National Peace Corps Association, Rotary, Peace Care, and World Run, Inc. to produce an annual World Health Run. The 2018 run will be held on April 7 (World Health Day). CUGH’s participation in this event will enable Member Institutions or Student Groups to raise funds and awareness for a domestic or international health-related project, support CUGH global activities, and build the conversation around health equity, globally.

The project has been founded and is being developed by CUGH members, RPCVs, and Rotarians who are sensitive to the needs and perspectives of CUGH Member Institutions or Student Groups while recognizing the value of supporting CUGH projects globally. World Health Run will also support global “Impact Projects” – some of which support CUGH associated work for health equity.

Please take a look at to find out how you can register as a runner or how your Member Institution or Student Group may be able to get involved. It doesn’t matter where you are, you can run anywhere! While every registration benefits CUGH, when you register to run as an individual, make sure you designate CUGH for your contribution to further your impact!!!

Thanks so much for considering your group’s involvement in this exciting initiative! We would like to include as many communities as possible. If you group is interested in participating, you can learn more at and by reading the Run Production Manual ( Please note that your group must be signed up by February 19 with at least 100 runners in your area in order to host a run. You can join forces with your local Rotary Club or NPCA affiliate group and you will be supported with run coordination by World Run, Inc!

Before you head out on your training run, please share the Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds with your friends!

Let’s get running (or walking) for health equity!