Tom Hall Global Health Education Grants

The late Dr. Tom Hall, a global health leader and one of CUGH's greatest supporters, generously provided a gift to support small global health education grants. Dr. Hall passed away May 20, 2017, but his legacy of giving lives on.

CUGH members were invited to apply for either small grants (under $5,000) or for larger grants (up to $10,000). The deadline for the second round of grant proposals was August 20, 2017.

Areas of Interest for Grant Support Include but are not limited to:
(Larger grants must address one of the first three areas marked with an asterisk)

  • Strengthen educational programs in Low and Middle income countries*
  • Promote, develop and/or disseminate clinical and community case studies*
  • Special education-related events at the annual CUGH conference*
  • Identify and aggregate good practices, useful courses, teaching material, reports, and guidelines in global health for open access sharing on CUGH's website
  • Sponsor the development of educational materials and/or programs on the impacts of population growth on health and development
  • Education-related projects and/or products, including program evaluation
  • Survey planning, data collection and data analysis
  • CUGH Trainee Advisory Committee activities and projects
  • Purchase of Information Technology (IT) technician time for specialized education-related work, e.g., developing interactive educational features, updating of educational resources on CUGH's website

  • Criteria for Grant Approval

  • Consistent with the mission of CUGH
  • Consistent with the objectives of the grant to promote and facilitate global health education, education products and the evaluation of GH education methods and programs
  • Project impact and efficiency is optimized
  • High quality proposal with potential for further development and contributions
  • The lead P.I. of a grant application must be a member of CUGH via university or individual affiliation
  • Grant funds shall not be used to pay or supplement salaries of the project leader. However, short-term NON-FACULTY staff support to implement CUGH Education Committee-approved projects involving data collection, analysis, etc., can be covered.
  • 70% of an approved grant will be disbursed at the start of the project and the balance will be disbursed on project completion and submission of a brief report of project accomplishments to the CUGH Secretariat

  • Criteria for Evaluating Grants

  • Proposal exemplifies educational goals of CUGH and the identified grant priorities (30)
  • Clear description of project (10)
  • Feasible methodology (10)
  • Clear and realistic budget justification (15)
  • Innovative proposal with potential to further global health education with high impact and efficiency (25)
  • Plans for dissemination of project results and project sustainability/scalability (10)

  • ***Institutional overhead costs are not allowable costs in these grants.
    ***Successful applicants will be responsible for any taxation associated with the grant.

    To apply, download the attached file and send to

    Congratulations to the Successful Applicants from the First & Second Rounds of Funding:

    Lead Principal Investigator Project Title (First Round) Final Report
    Sasha Hernandez The School of POWHER: A prenatal care training program for Mayan birth attendants
    Dr. Madelon Finkel Enhancing blended learning with technology in India Final Report
    Dr. James Salway Virtual EM didactic project for a Sri Lankan emergency medicine training program
    Dr. Andrew Dykens Cataloging and matching capacity building opportunities to bridge the knowledge to action gap
    Dr. Liana Langdon-Embry Mapping the efficacy of routine mass drug administration for soil-transmitted helminth infections with tailored educational interventions in remote Madagascar: a case study for prospective integrated protocol
    Dr. Lisa Adams Compilation/inventory of online global Health courses
    Lead Principal Investigator Project Title (Second Round)
    Dr. Chelsea McGuire Building Research Skills Among Emerging Family Medicine Postgraduate Training Programs and AfriWon Renaissance Young Doctors Movement in Africa
    Dr. Jessica Evert Open Access Publication of Reasoning Without Resources with CUGH co-sponsorship
    Hussein Haruna Evaluating the efficacy of interactive game learning and gamification in enhancing and promoting sexual health education
    Dr. Fred Bulamba Physician and non-physician anesthesia training in Uganda: Scaling up anesthesia orientation course for new trainees
    Dr. Mary Goldberg Implementation and evaluation of an online Wheelchair Services Training Course for clinicians in low and middle income countries: a pilot in Mexico
    Dr. Edward Kumakech Training and integration of visual, cost effective and scalable methods for cervical cancer screening and preventative therapy into nursing and midwifery education and practice in Uganda
    Dr. Brittany Seymour Toward competency based best practices for global health in dental education: a global health starter kit
    Dr. Nelly Salgado de Snyder Course planning: fundamentals of global health in latin america
    Raksha Sule Leveraging the "Students as Partners" educational approach to create an online certificate program: Case studies for Professionalism in Global Health
    Dr. Lee Wallis A multidisciplinary curriculum for frontline emergency healthcare workers in Uganda
    Oliver Mweemba Enhancing Public Health Promotion for Undergraduates at the University of Zambia
    Associated Committee(s):