Experts J. Andrew Dykens, Keith Martin, Elsie Kiguli-Malwadde, Linda Kupfer, Zhuo (Adam) Chen, Nancy R. Reynolds, Aniruddh Behere, Suraj Bhattarai, Caryn E. Peterson, and Stevan Merill Weine wrote an article about a global matchmaking web platform that aims to facilitate equitable institutional partnerships and mentorship to strengthen health workforce training capacity in low-resource settings.

The healthcare sector in low-resource settings (LRS) faces a significant human resources shortage, severely affecting health outcomes and the global healthcare workforce’s development. The scarcity of qualified trainers and mentors exacerbates this issue, making it difficult to bridge capacity gaps. The Consortium of Universities for Global Health Capacity Strengthening Platform (CUGH-CPS) aims to address these challenges by empowering LRS institutions and individuals. It seeks to enhance partnership engagement and prioritize training capacity development tailored to LRS needs. CUGH-CPS creates a platform to disseminate training and mentorship needs from LRS institutions to the global community. This initiative was launched to a global audience at the April 2023 CUGH meeting.

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