If the White House blocks funding to the NIH and CDC for testing and tracking the SARS-CoV-2 virus it will be threatening the health of all Americans. These two agencies are cornerstones in the battle to curb the pandemic and are working tirelessly to save lives. In contrast, the White House, through its own egregious actions or inaction has resulted in the US leading the world in Covid-19 deaths and cases, both of which are continuing to rise.

“Battling a deadly pandemic like SARS-CoV-2 is a race against time to save lives. The White House and members of Congress must set aside their political differences and urgently implement what is needed to protect American lives,” said Dr. Keith Martin, Executive Director for the Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH).

The White House should work with Congress to:
• Fully fund the nation’s testing and contact tracing needs;
• Use the Defense Production Act to significantly increase the production of personal protective equipment. This will be vital in protecting public health workers as they engage in testing and contact tracing and clinicians as they treat the ill;
• Engage universities’ unused lab capabilities to dramatically increase testing capacity.

Dr. Michele Barry, the Chair of CUGH said, “If the White House insists that data about the pandemic be sent to the HHS it should also be sent to the Centers for Disease Control the nation’s leading public health agency so that ‘apoliticized’ data can be shared and guidelines developed for reopening cities, schools and future the rollout of a vaccine.”

“Over 140,000 Americans have perished from this coronavirus. Most of these deaths were preventable. More people will die unnecessarily unless politicians bury their political differences, follow the science, and collaborate to fulfill their most important job which is to protect the health and welfare of the all Americans,” said Dr. Martin.

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