Once again for the CUGH 2023 Conference (April 14-16, 2023) the Abstract Advising Program will connect early-career CUGH and AFREhealth members (advisees) with more experienced CUGH and AFREhealth members (advisors). Once linked, the advisor and advisee will work together in relatively brief, focused interaction to improve the quality of the abstract prior to submission for the CUGH conference (deadline September 30, 2022).

The goals of the Program are 1) to provide guidance to early-career members (advisees) in improving abstract quality, 2) to provide a service opportunity for more experienced members (advisors), and 3) to improve the quality of abstracts submitted to CUGH.


  • Potential Advisees must be CUGH and AFREhealth members (individual or institutional) seeking guidance to improve their abstract prior to submission for the 13th Annual CUGH Conference. They must be committed to reaching out to the advisor with whom they are matched, taking the guidance offered into consideration prior to submission, sharing the final abstract, and informing the advisor of the abstract outcome (i.e., accepted, rejected, not submitted).
  • Potential Advisors must be CUGH or AFREhealth members (individual or institutional) and commit to providing high-quality and timely abstract guidance to the advisee with whom they are matched. To ensure that advisors have an appropriate baseline level of experience, potential advisors must have been the first author on at least five abstracts that have been accepted at national or international conferences. Advisors should also attend their advisees’ abstract presentation at the conference.

We’re excited about this opportunity to link together our early-career and more experienced CUGH and AFREhealth members to work together on CUGH abstracts and strongly encourage participation of all those interested and eligible.


Keith Martin, Executive Director CUGH

Georgina Yeboah, Executive Director AFREhealth