CUGH members, please apply to join one of CUGH’s committees or subcommittees.

Application Criteria & Instructions: Applicants must be a CUGH institutional member or an individual member. See a list of CUGH member organizations. Unless otherwise specified, terms will be for 2 years. New members are elected from the applicants by the relevant committee members.

All applicants must submit a short 250-word biography (no CVs) and a 250-word statement of interest.

Applications are due by February 28th, 2022.

Research Committee: The Research Committee’s goal is to catalyze avenues for expanding collaborative global health research and research training in priority areas and facilitate development of these collaborations among CUGH members. The Committee is dedicated to sharing, evaluating, and advancing strategies that promote global health research and global health equity. Additionally, the Committee is charged with assisting in reinforcing relationships with funding agencies and organizations. Current focus areas include addressing anti-science views in society and research on climate change and health.

Global Health Operations Committee:
The Global Health Operations Committee (GHOC) works to identify and develop guiding principles to enhance university and organizational administrations’ procedural and financial alignment with programmatic priorities in global health, education, research, and service activities. The GHOC develops strategies to effectively respond to global opportunities and share best practices for, amongst other things, managing international risk, developing legal frameworks and establishing/sustaining goals.

Advocacy & Communications Committee: This committee identifies: advocacy issues, asks and policies relevant to CUGH’s mission to ‘improve the health of people and the planet’. It develops ways to foster collaboration and mobilize members and the larger global health community to engage policymakers and the public to implement the identified policies and asks.

Education Committee: The Education Committee advance CUGH’s educational goals in part through multiple project-oriented Subcommittees. Committee members will work on a global health education project, support the annual satellite conference, and provide input for the Subcommittees on their initiatives. It seeks 7 new members for the 2022-2024 term.

Subcommittee on Master’s and Undergraduate Degrees in Global Health (SMUDGH): SMUDGH promotes standards of excellence for coursework, undergraduate minors, bachelor’s degrees, and master’s and doctoral degrees in global health; supports innovations in curriculum design, teaching, and experiential learning for global health at the undergraduate and master’s levels; and seeks to enhance CUGH’s value to member institutions.

Membership Committee: The Membership Committee is responsible for identifying strategies to grow CUGH’s membership and retain current members.

Workforce Capacity Building Subcommittee: The Workforce Capacity Building Subcommittee (WFCBS) focuses on working with institutions in LLMICs to assist them in strengthening their training capabilities across biomedical and non-biomedical disciplines. It identifies trainers and curricula sought after by LLMIC institutions, and helps to connect them to the training needs in institutions in low-resource settings.

Educational Products Subcommittee: This committee reviews, recommends and identifies educational products, and assures the quality of the products posted on CUGH’s website.

Global Health Competency Subcommittee: The Global Health Competency Subcommittee defines global health competencies appropriate for several levels of training and job expectations, and proposes ways of using competencies in the design of global health curricula.

Academic Partnership Program Initiative: This initiative connects the leader of an academic program (biomedical or non-biomedical field) who wishes to create or strengthen their program with an experienced leader in that field who can provide them with guidance for 1 year. This program works with CUGH institutional members.