Save the date for these two hour monthly sessions from February to September on Thursdays at 5 pm GMT and Fridays at 3:30 AM GMT.

These webinar sessions will feature international experts, breakout sessions, a global strategy developed to address the challenges of climate change.

Topics will be as follows:

February 25/26: Child Health and Sustainability: Defining and Responding to the Impact of Climate Change on Children
March 25/26: Understanding the Science of Climate Change and Launch of ISSOP Declaration on Climate Change
April 22/23: Hearing and Learning from the Voices of Youth and Indigenous Communities
May 27/28: Responding to the Health and Mental Health Effects of Climate Change
June 24/25: Greening Practices and Health Systems
July 29/30: Global Political and Economic Impact of Climate Change—Advocacy and Action
August 26/27: Leadership in a new World: Planetary Pediatrics and One Health
September 23/24: COP 26 (UN Clmate Change Summit) and the Child Health Community: ensuring that equitable policies are adopted for children and youth