Dr. Nancy Glass, Dr. Carmen Alvarez, Dr. Paul Spiegel (JHSPH) and Dr. Kathryn Laughon (UVA) discuss family separation at the border and its impact in Facebook Live titled, “The Border is Here, The Crisis is Real for Our Children and the Time is Now.”

About the event: https://bit.ly/2TNJKEu
Carmen Alvarez, PHD, CRNP, CNM, RN, FAAN nursing.jhu.edu/Alvarez
Nancy Glass, PhD, MPH, MS, RN, FAAN nursing.jhu.edu/Glass
Paul B. Spiegel, MD https://bit.ly/3871GlT
Kathryn Laughon, PhD, RN, FAAN https://at.virginia.edu/3oT1Gfl
Dean Patricia Davidson nursing.jhu.edu/davidson