The deficit in skilled workers, particularly in low-income nations, is a major obstacle to addressing current and future development challenges. For healthcare alone, the global workforce deficit is 15 million individuals. Africa is predicted to have a shortfall of 6.1 million workers by 2030. This a significant obstacle to development. A central challenge is a lack of qualified trainers and mentors and the ability to connect existing expertise and training programs to institutions and individuals with identified training gaps. Global health partnerships, training programs, and mentorship are common ways through which individuals and institutions can connect and share training resources to build, education, implementation, clinical and research capacity across biomedical and nonbiomedical disciplines in low-resource settings.

CUGH’s NEW CAPACITY STRENGTHENING PLATFORM WAS CREATED TO HELP ADDRESS THE SKILLED WORKER SHORTAGE GLOBALLY with particular attention to low-income nations. It was built with generous funding from the Fogarty International Center at the US National Institutes for Health.

THE PLATFORM HAS FOUR PRIMARY FUNCTIONS: (1) to make it easy for universities, institutions, governments, other development actors, and individuals (especially in low-income nations) to post and connect to the trainers and curricula they need across biomedical and non-biomedical disciplines; (2) to enable organizations with these training and mentoring assets to share them with institutions, universities, governments, and individuals that may need them; (3) facilitate connections between research partners in many fields, and (4) strengthen the translation of research and the field of translation and implementation research.

THIS PLATFORM WILL ONLY WORK IF YOU USE IT. Please list trainers and curricula your institution is seeking or trainers and educational products you can share. Importantly, this tool is intended to strengthen human resources across biomedical and non-biomedical disciplines.

PLEASE SHARE THIS PLATFORM WIDELY and encourage colleagues to register, develop a profile and then create postings relevant to three potential matching areas: 1) Partnership Development, 2) Training Programs, and 3) Mentorship. Registrants can search the site to identify potential training matches, securely connect to training offerings and needs, and report the impact of any partnerships for the benefit of all.

THANK YOU FOR USING THE CUGH CAPACITY STRENGTHENING PLATFORM. Together, we can help address skilled, workforce deficits, particularly in low resource nations.


Keith Martin MD, PC
Executive Director

Andrew Dykens MD, MPH
Co-Principal Investigator
University of Illinois Chicago

Dr. Elsie Kiguli-Malwadde