Capacity Building Subcommittee

A Subcommittee of the Education Committee.

The Education Committee Capacity Building Subcommittee (EC-CBS) will help to identify and aggregate training needs and best practices from institutions in RLS and share this information on CUGH’s website.

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Recent Announcements

The CUGH Capacity Building Subcommittee is recruiting new members. The Capacity Building Subcommittee is part of the Education Committee.

How can we work together to strengthen training capabilities in low and low middle income countries (LLMICs)? To address this challenge CUGH has created this Capacity Building Platform.

This sub-committee’s (SC) mission is to a) help identify, catalog and aggregate training, curricula and human resource needs from low and middle income countries (LMICS), b) identify context relevant training programs/resources, and c) share this information through a web based platform housed on