Communication Trainings and Resources

The academic community has an exciting opportunity to enact data-driven and sustainable policies through establishing a strong rapport with one’s federal and state legislators. A critical element in this relationship building process is the ability to successfully share one’s story in order to demonstrate the value of one’s work. Below, please find a variety of webinars, documents, and online training modules (free of cost) that center on best practices for effective communications.

Shifting the Narrative: The Role of Social Media in Public Health Communications Webinar
Hosted by University of California Berkley’s Center for Public Health Practice and the APHA Health Communication Working Group, this webinar examines the ever-increasing role of social media within the public health sector.

Tools for Academic Engagement in Public Policy
This online course designed by MIT professors describes how legislation matriculates through the US government, including how Capitol Hill offices work with academic experts, and the vital role academics can play in shaping policies. The instructors also provide various suggestions on how academics can craft their “ask” most effectively.

Value Based Messaging: Using Words that Work
This online webinar hosted by the Berkeley Media Studies Group outlines how to effectively develop one’s message while also incorporating the values that are embedded within one’ work.

Speaking with the Public
Designed by the Center for Disease Control, this online module provides academics with best practices for communicating on health topics.

Communication - Creating Effective Stories to Share with Lawmakers: How to Create Stories to Move the Hearts, Minds, and VOTES of Lawmakers
Created by the Congressional Management Foundation, this short video discusses the importance of stories when speaking with lawmakers and their staff in order to cultivate action.

Public Speaking
This online course, hosted by the Rochester Institute of Technology, offers information on the fundamentals of strong public speaking. Although one’s work with a legislature’s office is often one-on-one, this online course provides insights that are important regardless of the audience’s size.

Global Health Advocacy Guide.
Written by The University of California’s Global Health Institute, this document outlines tips and practices for successful global health advocacy.

Best Practices in Storytelling for Advocacy.
This online webinar led by Narativ and Open Society discusses how storytelling plays a critical role within advocacy to enable policy change.