What You Wish Academia Knew: 20 Years of Employing Global Health Professionals for USAID


Thursday March 15, 2018
1:00pm - 5:00pm
Room: Sutton Center
New York Hilton Hotel - Midtown
New York, NY

• Global Health Fellows Program (GHFP) II

Over the last twenty years and four cooperative agreements, the Public Health Institute has been engaged in the business of employing hundreds of diverse global health professionals for a dynamic and rapidly changing global health work environment. We’ve partnered with academics and learned many lessons regarding outreach, recruitment, performance management and professional development. We have also implemented several research studies to examine more deeply what it means to be successful in global health professional life. Our three studies, one conducted in collaboration with CUGH, examined global health employers’ hiring practices, recent graduates’ job hunting experiences, and the interplay between global and domestic health careers. Based on this research and our experience we offer insights into what preparation is really needed to find and keep a rewarding job in global health, and what employers and academic institutions can do now to train and support a technically excellent, culturally sensitive and diverse next generation of global health leaders.

We want to explore with you what twenty years of experimentation, successes and failures have taught us in outreach, recruitment, performance management, career and professional development. We will have a special focus on the tough realities and amazing opportunities of our Diversity Initiative and share thoughts about the controversial challenges still to come.

• Sharon Rudy, Program Director, Global Health Fellows Program (GHFP) II
• David Godsted, Deputy Director, GHFP-II
• Angelina Gordon, Director, Communications, Outreach, and Diversity
• Jennifer Kaindi, Recruitment Lead, GHFP-II
• Elise Mann, Performance and Career Development Lead, GHFP-II
• Stacy Terrell, Lead, Communications, Outreach, and Diversity, GHFP-II