Workshop: RULES OF THE ROAD 2.0

Thursday, November 8, 2018 - 9:00am to Friday, November 9, 2018 - 5:00pm

Course Objectives:
• Educate attendees about the minimal standards required for health, safety, and security for those working overseas in an increasingly insecure international environment
• Share the appropriate and most relevant health, safety, and security measures that global health staff and students' need for working, traveling and living in insecure regions
• Understand the steps needed to implement health, safety, and security protocols for students, staff, and volunteers prior to their travel
• Explore current day challenges through small group sessions, tabletops and creation of self paced workbooks to include active emergency plans and standard operating procedures

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Date: November 8th and 9th, 2018
Location: 1608 Rhode Island Avenue NW, Washington DC 20036.
CUGH Members: $625
CUGH Non-Members: $725
Beneficial for: Faculty and staff at academic and small not-for-profit or non-governmental organizations that send staff and students overseas.
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The growth of academic global health programs and institutional footprints have produced an influx of employees and travelers to increasingly insecure environments. This is exposing individuals and their institutions to increased threats. These threats can range from exposure to sudden onset disasters, infectious diseases, sexual assault, civil unrest, or terrorist activity. Even in stable environments, the risks of road accidents and unexpected illnesses are important hazards to consider. Global health programs have a duty to properly prepare and train staff, faculty, and students prior to departure to help ensure their safety while abroad and to return them safely. Health care workers and their employers must understand their respective roles in the protection and support of their global health workforce, including their legal responsibilities, minimum operational standards, and support structures.

This workshop will be given by the Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Global Health and will provide in-depth discussion and practical tips for bringing a culture of health, safety, and security to academic and institutional overseas programs. Using case-based discussion, small groups, and interactive sessions, these experts will help course participants navigate their most challenging issues related to the health, safety, and security of deploying and returning faculty, students, and staff overseas.

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