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'This has been a tragic month with mass murders in the United States, bombings in Afghanistan and the slaughter of dozens of innocent people in Somalia, Syria and Nigeria. In all of these grotesque acts of terrorism, civilians are the primary victims. Our hearts go out to them and their families'. - Executive Director, CUGH ( August Bulletin, Message)
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US Foreign Funding Freeze will Undermine US Efforts to Address an Array of Global Health Challenges.

CUGH strongly opposes the US administration’s announcement this week that it is freezing all funds for Official Development Assistance (ODA) for the fiscal year 2018-2019. ODA has historically received bipartisan support because most Republican and Democratic lawmakers see this as a way to effectively support US security and economic interests. Legislators have also agreed that this is morally the correct thing to do. Freezing aid undermines these interests.

Crowdsourcing Research Questions Site (CRQS)

We have a great opportunity to do a better job of connecting real world problems with research capabilities. CUGH has created this online tool to bridge that gap. We are inviting institutions, governments, NGOs and companies to post funded research questions ( high or middle income nations) or unfunded questions ( low- income nations) on this site. Researchers interested in doing this work, especially those working on their Masters or PhD degrees are encouraged to apply to the requests posted here.

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