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The CUGH Annual Conference has become the world's leading academic global health conference. Since its inaugural meeting in 2008, the number of registered attendees has grown from 327 to more than 1,800. The meeting brings together committed leaders, professionals, educators, students from diverse fields of study including engineering, business, law, policy, natural sciences, nursing, public health, medicine, and environmental studies to explore, discuss and critically assess the global health landscape.

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REGISTER NOW: March 15 pre-conference satellite sessions tackling big global health challenges. Most are free but space is limited. See the full list of satellites below.

The 9th Annual CUGH Global Health Conference
New York City, NY
Host institutions: Columbia University, Stellenbosch University, University of Peradeniya
Main Conference March 16-18 | Satellite Sessions March 15

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  • Theme | Health Disparities: A Time for Action


  • Global Cancer Research: Addressing Disparities, Locally and Globally
  • Disparities in Global Surgery: Building Systems and Networks through Collaboration
  • Outside the Box: Addressing the Sustainable Development Goals through a One Health Approach
  • Sexual Cyber Violence Among Girls and Young Women Globally: Current Trends and Strategies Needed for Prevention
  • Happenings & Hot Topics in Global Health Education
  • Nursing Leadership in Global Health: Implications for the Future of Nursing Education, Scholarship and Interprofessional Practice
  • Priority Public Health Research Needs for Enhancing Global Health Security
  • Student Global Health Day: Building Advocacy & Communication Skills to Address Health Disparities Around the World
  • AFREhealth and CUGH: Plotting an Actionable Path Forward for Collaborative Partnerships
  • Climate Change and Health Priorities for Vulnerable Populations
  • Creating Incentives for Greater University Engagement in Global Health Implementation Science
  • The Economic Case for Global Health
  • Industry-Led Access-to-Medicines Programs: ​Measurement and Reporting for Accountability and Learning
  • Navigating and Getting Noticed in the Scholarly Publishing World - A Writing Workshop by CUGH & The Lancet Global Health
  • Mobilizing Innovation to Eliminate Global Health Disparities
  • What You Wish Academia Knew: 20 Years of Employing Global Health Professionals for USAID
  • The Urban Built Environment and Climate Change

  • Tracks/Subthemes:

  • Global Health Law, Human Rights, and Conflict Prevention
  • Governance, Health Systems-Public Institutions Strengthening
  • Implementation Science
  • Neglected Topics in Global Health
  • Non-Communicable and Communicable Diseases: The Double Burden
  • Planetary Health, One Health, Environmental Health, Climate Change
  • Reducing Disparities and Improving Well-being Across the Lifespan
  • Social Determinants of Health

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    Past Annual Conferences

    Healthy People, Healthy Ecosystems: Implementation, Leadership & Sustainability in Global Health
    The 8th Annual CUGH Global Health Conference
    Washington Hilton Hotel - Dupont Circle
    Washington, DC, USA
    Main conference April 7-9 | Satellite Sessions April 6

    Host institutions: Johns Hopkins University and Makerere University

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  • CRDF Global | The Role of Emergency Operating Centers
  • Georgetown University, The New York Academy of Medicine, International Society for Urban Health | Urban Health: A Global Challenge
  • CDC & Makerere University | Non-Communicable Diseases in Low Income Countries: A Neglected Catastrophe
  • McGill University | Putting Quality on the Global Health Agenda
  • National Cancer Institute | The 5th Annual CUGH Global Cancer Research Symposium | NOTE: Located at NCI in Bethesda, MD
  • Student Global Health Session Hosted by the CUGH Trainee Advisory Committee | Politics of Global Health and Program Implementation
  • CUGH Research Committee | How Does the Readership of Journals from Different Disciplines Understand Global Health?
  • CUGH Education Committee | Emerging Themes in Global Health Education
  • CUGH Enabling Systems Committee | Global Operations 2017: Tools for Faculty & Administrative Leaders
  • USAID | Applied Research Partnerships in MNCH
  • University of Utah, American College of Surgeons Operation Giving Back, The WHO & G4 Alliance | Strengthening the Global Surgical Ecosystem
  • Child Family Health International Workshop | Best Practices in Global Health Experiential Learning
  • See Here for a Complete List of Satellite Sessions


  • Addressing the Social Determinants of Health
  • Building Ethical Effective Partnerships
  • Climate Change and Health
  • The Crisis of Non-Communicable Diseases in LICs
  • The Gairdner Global Health Lecture
  • Global Health & US Security: Foreign Policy Interests
  • Global Health Leaders Panel
  • Global Migration Crisis and Humanitarian Emergencies
  • Global Virome Project
  • Lancet Commission: Global Health Law
  • Lancet Commission: Pollution, Health and Development
  • Mega Trends in Global Health
  • National Institutes for Health Directors Panel
  • Pandemic Prevention & Global Health Security
  • Planetary Health: Healthy People, Healthy Ecosystems
  • Promoting Female Leadership in Global Health
  • Protecting Health Workers in Conflict Zones
  • Stopping Violence Against Women
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  • Tony Fauci | Director | National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
  • Victor Dzau | President | National Academy of Medicine
  • Amb. Bonnie Jenkins (Fmr) | Threat Reduction Programs | US State Department
  • Richard Horton | Editor | The Lancet
  • Amie Batson | Chief Strategy Officer | PATH
  • Andrew McCabe | Executive Director | American Association of Veterinary Medical Colleges
  • Bella Dinh-Zarr | Vice Chair | National Transportation Safety Board
  • Chris Murray | Director | Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation
  • Daniela Ligiero | Director | Together for Girls
  • Roger Glass | Director | Fogarty Institute | NIH
  • Doug Lowy | Acting Director | National Cancer Institute
  • Pamela Collins | Director, Global Mental Health | National Institute for Mental Health
  • E Olapade-Olaopa | Ex. Sec. | Association of Medical Schools in Africa
  • Francis Omaswa | Chancellor | Busitema University, Uganda
  • Gary Gibbons | Director | National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
  • Helene Gayle | CEO | McKinsey Social Initiative
  • Howard Sklamberg | Department Commissioner | FDA
  • John Clark | Vice President | Pfizer
  • John Newton | Chief Knowledge Officer | Public Health UK
  • Jonathan Quick | President | Management Services for Health
  • Juan Lubroth | Chief Veterinary Officer | UN-FAO
  • Juli Trtanj | Research Lead | Climate Program Office | NOAA
  • Loyce Pace | President | Global Health Council
  • Mark Dybul | Executive Director | The Global Fund
  • Miliard Derbew | President | College of Surgeons of East & Central Africa
  • Paul Ndebere | Executive Director | Medical Research Council, Zimbabwe
  • Peter Donkor | Chair | AFREhealth
  • Rich Fuller | Executive Director | Pure Earth
  • Rob Nabors | Director, Policy and Government | The Gates Foundation
  • Rochelle Sobel | President | Association for Safe International Road Travel
  • Sarah Molton | Partnership Manager | Wellcome Trust
  • Sharon Rudy | Program Director | Public Health Institute
  • Steve Morrison | Vice President | Center for Strategic and International Studies
  • Zaher Sahloul | Senior Advisor | Syrian American Medical Society
  • See Here for a Complete List of Session Speakers

  • Conference Agenda
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  • Annual Pulitzer - CUGH Global Health Film Festival | April 8, 6:30-8 PM
  • Pulitzer Communications Workshop | How to Tell Your Story So People Hear It | April 9, 4:30-6 PM
  • Bridging to a Sustainable Future in Global Health
    The 7th Annual CUGH Global Health Conference
    San Francisco, CA
    Main conference April 9-11 | Satellite Sessions April 8

    Host institution: University of California, San Francisco

    Mobilizing Research for Global Health
    The 6th Annual CUGH Global Health Conference
    Boston, MA
    Main conference March 26-28 | Satellite Sessions March 25

    Host institution: Boston University

    Universities 2.0: Advancing Global Health in the Post-MDG Era
    The 5th Annual CUGH Global Health Conference
    Washington, DC
    Main conference May 10-12 | Satellite Sessions May 9

    Host institutions: The George Washington University and Stanford University

    Washington, DC

    Global Health: Innovation | Implementation | Impact
    The 4th Annual CUGH Global Health Conference