Webinar: Considerations & Guidance When Sending Students Abroad

With ever-increasing globalization and surging interest in global health there is growing interest on the part of medical students and medical schools to incorporate international electives into medical education.

Cross border medical exchanges enable students to work with different patient populations, develop cross-cultural understanding, and learn about health systems and approaches to medical care in other nations.

This webinar will examine student selection, preparation and ethical considerations when sending health professions students from the Global North to LMIC countries, common challenges and solutions cited by institutions in the Global North that host international visiting students from LMIC countries, and overall best practices and resources for study abroad.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017 - 8:00pm to 9:00pm
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New Listserv to Connect Students & Junior Faculty with Potential Mentors

The Consortium of Universities for Global Health has created a new listserv to serve as a meeting place for students and junior faculty to connect with senior faculty who are willing to answer questions and potentially, mentorship offers.

Those seeking a mentor or who have any questions should post to the listserv with a brief introduction or question as well as their contact information.

Those willing to serve as mentors may also post to introduce themselves to the listserv. Alternatively, they may also reply directly to the individual seeking advice. We thank you in advance for giving back to the global health community in this important way. We hope this platform will be useful to connect students/junior faculty with potential mentors.

Introducing GH Journal Search

This site (https://www.ghjournalsearch.org) is an easy-to-use free resource developed by the Johns Hopkins Knowledge for Health (K4Health) Project in collaboration with CUGH. It is an easy to use site that aggregates many peer reviewed journals that deal primarily with global/international health and and have something of a broad international audience. It does not include journals that may only have a very occasional article on health nor journals that are primarily clinical or about basic science.

Livestream the Inaugural Women Leaders in Global Health Conference at Stanford

The inaugural Women Leaders in Global Health Conference at Stanford is here! The conference livestream will begin Thursday, October 12 at 8:40am Pacific Time and feature an amazing line-up of speakers and panels throughout the day. The WLGH team invites you to join them in promoting the conference and conversation through social media. Follow #WLGH17 for live tweets throughout the day from @StanfordMed, @StanfordCIGH and @WomeninGH.

Watch "The New Barbarianism" Documentary

Healthcare and humanitarian workers are increasingly in the crosshairs as hospitals and aid centers have become part of the battlefield in today’s wars. So far, there has been little to stop the profound surge of violence seen across several open-ended conflicts which has claimed thousands of lives, destroyed health systems, triggered mass displacement and state collapse, and exposed the crisis facing the norms of international humanitarian law contained in the Geneva Conventions.