Clinical Tropical Medicine & Global Health Curriculum

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The University of Minnesota Clinical Tropical Medicine & Global Health Curriculum is one of 18 approved diploma courses worldwide which prepare physicians and other providers to sit for the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene’s Clinical Tropical Medicine and Travelers Health Examination. The curriculum is specifically intended for physicians and other health care providers working in immigrant, refugee, and travelers' health and tropical medicine. The curriculum is a combination of on line and in person training. Seven self-paced courses are offered online, allowing you to complete them at your own pace and from any location. The final two weeks of the curriculum are completed in person with simulations, laboratory experiences, and clinical rounds where possible. The curriculum combines lectures, exercises, and laboratory work. Topics include immigrant and refugee health care, disaster relief, public health, dermatology, travel medicine, and the full range of infections including parasitic, bacterial, mycobacterial, and viral. Although the curriculum has a strong emphasis on clinical work and directly applicable information, it also addresses ethical issues and cultural considerations.

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Global health