Doctor of Medicine (MD)

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The curriculum at UMHS is modeled after the best U.S. medical schools. We offer a traditional Basic and Clinical Science program. The academic program is both accelerated and rigorous, with a focus on preparing students for licensure in the United States and Canada.

UMHS operates on a trimester schedule, with classes beginning in September, January, and May. Each semester is approximately 15 weeks in length, and students can complete the 10-semester program in roughly four years. The Basic Science curriculum, semesters one through four, is offered at our state-of-the-art campus in St. Kitts. UMHS' faculty are highly qualified and appropriately credentialed. They are recruited primarily from the United States and are fully dedicated to our student's success.

We maintain small classes to ensure a personalized education. The University provides a variety of support services throughout the Basic Science program to ensure that students succeed academically and personally. Our faculty dedicate virtually all of their time to teaching, helping students, and providing counseling and tutoring services.

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