Global and Urban Health & Equity Program

Program description: 

The Global and Urban Health & Equity (GLUE) curriculum is a 2-year multidisciplinary certificate program consisting of: monthly seminars, research/service capstone project, 2 local global health symposiums, and local & international experiential learning programs. The curriculum is open to all levels of learners interested in global health. It is mapped to CUGH global citizen and basic operations competencies as well as the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education Competencies. We also designed our Wayne State University Global Health Alliance Practitioner-based competences. Learners have the opportunity to gain comprehensive knowledge and skills surround global health beyond the traditional disease-based approach. Each monthly seminar is facilitated by a multidisciplinary faculty using CUGH global health education toolkit to address health disparities, equity, social justice, and emerging global trends. Local and international experiential learning focus on social determinants of health as well as the care of underserved and vulnerable populations in metropolitan Detroit as well as all over the world. These experiences are designed in line with the WEIGHT guidelines as well as other resources provided by the CUGH. Equal and ethical partnership with host communities and academic/health institutions are emphasized. Capacity building and community leadership in research and health practice.

Program discipline(s): 
Global health