Global Health Program

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The Division of Nutritional Sciences Global Health Program offers students from any field of study the opportunity to explore and apply global health knowledge through experiential learning. The program is directed by Jeanne Moseley with the support and guidance of a Global Health Advisory Board composed of faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students from across colleges and departments, representing diverse disciplines related to global health.

We define global health as research, service, and training that address health problems that transcend national boundaries and disproportionately affect the resource-poor. Our mission is to engage new researchers and practitioners in the field of global health and to establish new and unique relationships that foster a multidisciplinary approach to understanding and solving global health problems.

Through course-based and experiential learning opportunities on Cornell's Ithaca campus and beyond, through collaborations in Tanzania, Zambia, India, Dominican Republic, and more our program supports the major in Global Public Health Sciences, the minor in Global Health and the Cornell community in general. Our Global Health Summer Programs engage students in a variety of engagement opportunities ranging from health policy research, service placements, internships, and more. As a part of our collaborations, we also bring visiting faculty and scholars to Cornell, creating unique cross cultural and multidisciplinary learning experiences.

Students in our program also have the opportunity to get further involved by contributing to the growth of the program's activities through the Global Health Student Advisory Board or the Global Health Program Assistant positions. These roles are excellent opportunities for students to build leadership skills and receive extensive mentorship from the Global Health faculty and staff.

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Global health