Global Health Programs in the Peruvian Amazon

Program description: 

Grad and undegrad paticipants can do surveys, interviews, individual or group discussions with the people in the rural jungle community of Yantalo, in the Peruvian Amazon. Recommended time spent is minumum six weeks. Must be able to communicate in Spanish at fifty percent level. Within two weeks will be almost fluent!
Areas of mutual interest are in Medicine, Surgery, Public Health, Clinical Social Work, Clinical Psychology, Anthropology, Agriculture, Child and Family Health, Nutrition,
Particpants can stay with local families or at the Research facilty bedrooms in the Campus. Costs max US$10.00 p person p night. Budget three meals at US$10 to 12 p person day.
At the Foundation we have hosted students representing 18 countries at grad and undergrad levels. Some have come three times during their university cycles.

Program discipline(s): 
Global health
Public health
Architecture and design
Child and family health
Engineering and technology
Environmental and occupational health
Food and nutrition
Gender and sexuality studies
Social work