International Veterinary Medicine Program - Post Graduate Certifcate Program

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Program description: 

"The Post Graduate Certificate Program in International Veterinary Medicine (IVM PGCert) is a unique opportunity for students at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University to prepare for an international career. This is a structured, comprehensive, mentor centered program which augments the DVM curriculum and is completed in parallel with the DVM program. Students are expected to develop a level of knowledge and proficiency in general international veterinary topics (areas are listed below) equivalent to that of a veterinarian that has been working internationally for at least one year.
•Global Livestock Production Systems
•Global Wildlife Systems
•International Issues and Veterinary Medicine
•International Organizations and Trade
•Veterinary Diseases of International Importance
•International Environmental Treaties
•Ecological Health
•The United States and Trade"

Program discipline(s): 
Global health
Public health
Environmental studies
Food and nutrition
Metrics and evaluation
Policy and management
Public policy
Social sciences
Veterinary Medicine