Master of Arts in Global Health

Program description: 

This degree understands health as not simply a product of disease, but rather emerging in the contexts of our complex and interrelated ecology, politics, history, culture, social institutions and evolutionary biology. It also places primacy on how to address the broader (structural, cultural) bases of ill-health in complicated, ever-changing health challenges in low-resource community settings and a globalizing world. To do this, the degree combines both social and life science theory with on-the-ground research and its application. There is a strong emphasis on collaborative action as key to identifying and addressing global health problems in a sustainable and meaningful way. Students accepted into the program are tied to ongoing interdisciplinary global health projects that address complicated, multifaceted health challenges that defy easy fixes (such as reemerging infectious diseases, obesity or climate-change-related disease).

Program discipline(s): 
Global health
Gender and sexuality studies
Metrics and evaluation
Social sciences