Master of Arts in in Global Health and Society

Program description: 

The University of Miami in uniquely situated at the crossroads of the Americas and the Master of Arts in in Global Health and Society program provides students with an interdisciplinary social scientific perspective for understanding how global-health outcomes relate to society, culture, and the environment. International development professionals and medical practitioners are increasingly confronted with emerging health issues that stem from policies and practices that affect groups of at-risk individuals and communities. Drawing upon emerging strengths across the university and the surrounding region, this program prepares students for a career in health policy, analysis, and social and political aspects of health and disease. Whereas medicine itself addresses the proximate causes of health, perspectives in the social sciences address the underlying causes that affect individuals, communities, and nations.

The Global Health and Society program offers a range of innovative courses that examine emerging challenges to human health and security, differential access and adoption of evidence-based health policies, practices, and interventions, community-based participatory research and evaluation, and how these translate from international to community scales. The degree will enable students to help build partnership and active participation around critical health issues in communities throughout the world; develop the capacity to address, prevent, and/or mitigate health risks in increasingly dynamic environments associated with global issues such as climate change, violence, population movements, and natural disasters. Graduates of this program are prepared for careers in government and non-government organizations and international institutions.

Program discipline(s): 
Global health
Social sciences