Masters in Public Health

Program description: 

The Masters in Public Health program will soon commence in the university with various sub-specialties including Health Management. This will provide a critical mass of doctors with the knowledge and skills necessary to implement and evaluate health activities geared towards implementing the SDG3 and thus improve global health. The health management component of the MPH program will provide the graduates an understanding of the concept of universal health coverage and Primary Health Care which are key to reducing the proportion of people spending too much of their household income as out-of-pocket payment for health and thus increase the proportion and number of people under health insurance, improve access to quality health care and even reduce poverty. The recent plan by the state government to commence a health insurance scheme will provide a fertile ground for students of the program to participate in implementation and evaluation of the scheme to ensure its effectiveness. It will make us march in tandem with the global effort to reduce poverty and improve health.

The outreach and community service component of the MPH program will strengthen students’ skills and competencies in reducing health risks, preparing and managing endemic diseases outbreaks with potentials of global spread. Hence, potential of spread of epidemics will be reduced and countries of the world will be protected.

Giving prominence to community-based/population-wide research efforts in the MPH program will equip graduates to contribute to finding solutions to the myriads of health problems in the region and thus contribute to global health.

Program discipline(s): 
Public health