ODU Global Health Certificate Program

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Program description: 

Global Health aims to show us the big picture. Since diseases and health problems do not recognize borders, there is always a need for health professionals domestically and globally. The Graduate Global Health Certificate is designed as a distance learning program for students with a Bachelor’s Degree from all academic disciplines within and outside of the current student body and professionals who are practicing or who plan to practice in a worldwide setting. Graduates of the certificate program can expect to find employment in a variety of fields including private and public health organizations, governmental/non-governmental organizations, academic institutions and research facilities. The certificate program requires three core courses (3 credit hours each), two electives (2 credit hours each) and a practicum or a research paper (2 credit hours) for a total of fifteen (15) credit hours. A maximum of 6 graduate credit hours may be transferred to the certificate program.

Program discipline(s): 
Global health
Public health
Environmental and occupational health