PhD in Global Health

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Global health problems are numerous and complex – including environmental pollutants, HIV, reproductive cancers, childhood diarrhea, malaria, depression, substance abuse, domestic violence, under-nutrition, obesity and diabetes. All require a sophisticated understanding of the social roots of these diseases in order to form lasting, wide-scale solutions.

Large-scale globalization and urbanization has created an urgent need for researchers and practitioners with a strong background in both the cultural and social aspects of health, skills that this one of a kind program is uniquely qualified to produce via:

1. The ability to combine health knowledge and the latest social science research about how people live and interact with one another.
2. A focus on identifying the best ways to use social, cultural, ecological, biological and historical insights rather than on the promotion of singular approaches or modes of enquiry.
3. Competency and mastery in all key health-relevant social science methodologies, such as epidemiology, GIS, ethnography, statistics and survey techniques.

Graduates with this cutting-edge degree will be in high demand in academic settings, commercial enterprises, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and government agencies. Current job titles of alumni include public health advisor, research associate, and postdoctoral fellow.

If you want to develop a professional social science skill set and are driven, open-minded and willing to work as part of a collaborative team, this is the right place for you.

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Global health