Professional Diploma in Tropical Nursing

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The Professional Diploma in Tropical Nursing has over recent years proven an outstanding success in preparing nurses to work in low-income settings and make significant contributions to world health. It has now grown to 130 students a year, the vast majority of whom are self-funded, travelling from their workplaces across the UK and beyond to study one day a week at the School.

The programme is available to candidates with a degree who are currently registered as nurses or midwives. It is recommended that they have two years post-registration experience by the start of the course applied for.

The course opens a window to topics for study such as Public Health, Primary Health Care, Emergency Relief, Medical Anthropology, Sanitation Technology, Mental Health, Maternal and Child Health, Nutrition, Immunology, Parasitology, Conflict and Health, together with wide coverage of common Tropical Diseases.

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Global health
Public health