Public Health by Distance Learning (Certificate, Diploma and MSc)

Program description: 

This programme provides students with the knowledge and skills to contribute to the improved health of populations and particular groups within them through the promotion of health and prevention of diseases; the development and evaluation of care practices; and the investigation and control of environmental threats to health. Students are instructed in the development, use and critical evaluation of conceptual models, evidence, methods of analysis, and practical interventions. The varied curriculum allows students to opt for a broad range of knowledge or to concentrate on specialised areas.

The course is offered by distance learning allowing to study independently, at a time and pace that suits you using the comprehensive study materials provided, with support available from academic staff. Students have between 1-5 years in which to complete the Postgraduate Certificate, and between 2-5 years in which to complete the Postgraduate Diploma or the Master's degree.

Program discipline(s): 
Global health
Public health
Environmental studies
Metrics and evaluation
Policy and management
Social sciences