Case Studies: "Reasoning without Resources"

GHD-001B HIV in Thailand Condom Program Part B
Case 56: What Now ii PDF icon Case_56_What_Now_ii__Questions.pdf, PDF icon Case 56 _What Now ii_ Answers.pdf
Case 55: Tragic Connections PDF icon Case_55_Tragic_Connections_Questions.pdf, PDF icon Case 55_ Tragic Connections_Answers.pdf
Case 54: Who Else Is There PDF icon Case_54_Who_Else_Is_There_Questions.pdf
Case 53: Body Swelling II PDF icon Case_53_Body_Swelling_II_Questions.pdf, PDF icon Case 53_Body Swelling II_Answers.pdf
Case 52: Skin and Bones PDF icon Case_52_Skin_and_Bones_Questions_0.pdf, PDF icon Case 52_Skin and Bones_Answers.pdf
Case 51: Headache and Confusion PDF icon Case_51_Headache_and_Confusion_Questions.pdf, PDF icon Case 51_Headache and Confusion_Answers.pdf
Case 50: Coughing Blood III PDF icon Case_50_Coughing_Blood_III_Questions.pdf, PDF icon Case 50_Coughing Blood III_Answers.pdf
Case 49: Embarrassing and Persistent PDF icon Case_49_Embarrassing_and_Persistent_Questions.pdf, PDF icon Case 49_Embarrassing and Persistent_Answers.pdf
Case 48: Coughing Blood... Again PDF icon Case_48_Coughing_Blood...Again_Questions.pdf, PDF icon Case 48_Coughing Blood...Again_Answers.pdf
Case 47: 3 Strange Stories PDF icon Case_47_3_Strange_Stories_Questions.pdf, PDF icon Case 47_3 Strange Stories_Answers.pdf
Case 46: Coughing Blood PDF icon Case_46_Coughing_Blood_Questions.pdf, PDF icon Case 46_Coughing Blood_Answers.pdf
Case 45: Of Course... But Really... PDF icon Case_45_Of_Course..._But_Really..._Questions.pdf, PDF icon Case 45_Of Course... But Really..._Answers.pdf
Case 44: Bizarre and Treatable x 5 PDF icon Case_44_Bizarre_and_Treatable_x_5_Questions.pdf, PDF icon Case 44_Bizarre and Treatable x 5_Answers.pdf
Case 43: The Ulcer that Won't Go Away PDF icon Case_43_The_Ulcer_that_Won't_Go_Away_Questions.pdf, PDF icon Case 43_The Ulcer that Won't Go Away_Answers.pdf
Case 42: Feeling 400 PDF icon Case_42_Feeling_400_Questions.pdf, PDF icon Case 42_Feeling 400_Answers.pdf
Case 41: Pumping Fast PDF icon Case_41_Pumping_Fast_Questions.pdf, PDF icon Case 41_Pumping Fast_Answers.pdf
Case 40: Common and Missed x 3 PDF icon Case_40_Common_and_Missed_x_3_Questions.pdf, PDF icon Case 40_Common and Missed x 3_Answers.pdf
Case 39: Fever and Cough PDF icon Case_39_Fever_and_Caugh_Questions.pdf, PDF icon Case 39_Fever and Caugh_Answers.pdf
Case 38: Stiff Stride PDF icon Case_38__Stiff_Stride_Questions.pdf, PDF icon Case 38_ Stiff Stride_Answers.pdf
Case 37: Farmer with Fever and Back Pain PDF icon Case_37_Farmer_with_Fever_and_Back_Pain_Questions.pdf, PDF icon Case 37_Farmer with Fever and Back Pain_Answers.pdf
Case 36: Problems Working, Walking, Speaking PDF icon Case_36_Problems_working,_walking,_speaking_Questions.pdf, PDF icon Case 36_Problems working, walking, speaking_Answers.pdf
Case 35: Platypnea with Sudden SOB PDF icon Questions_Case_35_Platypnea_with_Sudden_SOB.pdf, PDF icon Case 35_Platypnea with Sudden SOB_Answers.pdf
Case 34: Severe Hypertensive with Dyspnea PDF icon Questions_Case_34_Severe_Hypertensive_w_Dyspena.pdf, PDF icon Answers Case 34_Severe Hypertensive w_Dyspena.pdf
Case 33: Paralyzed Legs PDF icon Questions_CUGH_Case_33_Paralyzed_LEgs.pdf, PDF icon Answers CUGH Case 33_Paralyzed Legs.pdf
Case 32: Wasted from Kampala PDF icon Questions_CUGH_Case_32_Wasted_from_Kampala.pdf, PDF icon Answers CUGH Case 32_Wasted from Kampala.pdf
Case 30: Chest Pain, Foot Pain, and Shock PDF icon Questions_CUGH_Case_30_Chest_pain,_footpain,_and_shock_(1).pdf, PDF icon Answers Case 30_Chest pain, footpain, shock.pdf
Case 31: Chest Pain for 14 Years PDF icon Questions_CUGH_Case_31_Chest_Pain_for_14_Years.pdf, PDF icon Answers CUGH Case 31_Chest Pain for 14 Years.pdf
Case 29: Breathless and Pregnant PDF icon Questions_CUGH_Case_29_Breathless_and_Pregnant.pdf, PDF icon Answers CUGH Case 29_Breathless and Pregnant.pdf
Case 28: Chronic Diarrhea x2 Vignettes PDF icon Questions_CUGH_Case_28_Chronic_DIARRHEA_x_2_Vignettes.pdf, PDF icon Answers Case 28_Chronic DIARRHEA x 2 Vign.pdf
Case 27: Diarrhea x2 Vignettes PDF icon Questions_CUGH_Case_27_DIARRHEA_x_2_Vignettes.pdf, PDF icon Answers CUGH Case 27_DIARRHEA x 2 Vignettes.pdf
Case 26: Acute Diarrhea PDF icon Questions_CUGH_Case_26_ACUTE_DIARRHEA_x_2_Vignettes.pdf, PDF icon Answers Case 26_ACUTE DIARRHEA x 2 Vignettes.pdf
Case 25: Persistent Diarrhea PDF icon Questions_CUGH_Case_25_Persistent_Diarrhea.pdf, PDF icon Answers CUGH Case 25_Persistent Diarrhea.pdf
Case 24: Abdominal Pain and Swelling PDF icon Questions_CUGH_Case_24_Abdominal_Pain_and_Swelling.pdf, PDF icon Answers Case 24_Abdominal Pain and Swelling.pdf
Case 23: Cough Plus PDF icon Questions_CUGH_Case_23_Cough_Plus.pdf, PDF icon Answers CUGH Case 23_Cough Plus.pdf
Case 22: Abdominal Pain Back in Time PDF icon Questions_CUGH_Case_22.pdf, PDF icon Answers Case 22_ABDOMINAL PAIN BACK IN TIME.pdf
Case 21: Right Abdominal Pain and Fever PDF icon Questions_CUGH_Case_21_fixed.pdf, PDF icon Answers CUGH Case 21_fixed.pdf
Case 20: Recurrent Fevers PDF icon Questions_CUGH_Case_20_fixed.pdf, PDF icon Answers CUGH Case 20 fixed.pdf
Case 19: Acute Behavior Change PDF icon Questions_CUGH_Case_19.pdf
Case 18: Fever IV PDF icon Questions_CUGH_Case_18_Massive_LIver_(8).pdf
Case 17: Massive LIver PDF icon Questions_CUGH_Case_17_Massive_LIver_(23).pdf
Case 16: Back Pain III PDF icon Answers_CUGH_Case_16_(71)_Back_Pain_III.pdf
Case 15: Can't Walk PDF icon CASE_15_cant_walk_Questions_ONLY.pdf
Case 14: Coma II PDF icon CASE__14_Coma_II_REAL_-_Questions_only.pdf
Case 13: Left Abdominal Pain PDF icon CASE_13_LeftAbdominalPain_-_Questions.pdf
Case 12: Fever III PDF icon CASE_12_Fever_III_VIGNETTE_AND_QUESTIONS_F.pdf
Case 11: Recurrent Seizures PDF icon CASE_11_Recurrent_Seizures_Vignette_and_Qu.pdf
Case 10: Back Pain II PDF icon CASE_10_Back_Pain_II_VIGNETTE_AND_QUESTION.pdf
Case 9: Back Pain I PDF icon CASE_9_Back_Pain_VIGNETTE_AND_QUESTIONS_FI.pdf
Case 8: Ascites PDF icon CASE_8_Ascites_VIGNETTE_AND_QUESTIONS_FINA.pdf
Case 7: Cough Post-TB PDF icon CASE_7_Cough_Post_TB_VIGNETTE_AND_QUESTION.pdf
Case 5: Leg Edema PDF icon CASE_5_Leg_edema_VIGNETTE_AND_QUESTIONS_FI.pdf
Case 4: Shortness of Breath PDF icon CASE_4_Shortness_of__Breath_VIGNETTE_AND_Q.pdf
Case 3: Headache PDF icon CUGH_Case_3_(34)_Headache_VIGNETTE_and_QUE.pdf
Case 2: Fever II PDF icon CASE_2_Fever_II_VIGNETTE_AND_QUESTIONS.pdf
Case 1: Fever I PDF icon Questions_CASE_1_Fever.pdf