An effective way to communicate and inspire change is through visual means. On this page, we highlight global health videos from our members, partners, and colleagues.

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Featured Videos

Cholera affects millions worldwide annually, yet is a disease that goes under the radar in many cases. OmniVis details for CUGH 2021 how Cholera affects communities and how our technology plans to mitigate the spread of Cholera, helping communities around the world.

Saving Mothers maternal health program in action in West Pokot Kenya. This film underscores the issues and challenges with maternal health care in the region and the need for Saving Mothers life saving work.

It started with a simple tweet by then fourth year University of Michigan Medical and Public Health student, Marina Haque. She called upon others worldwide to use the hashtag #Students_Against_COVID to share how they were fighting against the novel virus. SAC values students and allies’ voices, and wants to enable a culture that empowers their ability to make an impact across the globe long after this pandemic.