Global Health Operations Committee

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CUGH recognizes that facilitating administrative functions, processes, and services are vital to effectively supporting the global health enterprise.

The Global Health Operations Committee (formerly known as Enabling Systems) identifies and develops guiding principles to enhance university administrations’ procedural and financial alignment with programmatic priorities in global health, education, research, and service activities. The Committee develops strategies to effectively respond to global opportunities and share best practices for accepting and managing international risk, financial services, academic human resources, legal frameworks, communication and outreach, information technologies, transparency in approach and efficiencies with international sites. Additionally, the Committee will develop processes for managing information on global health activities across the university.

Recent Announcements

Dear Colleague,

We hope that this finds you well and about to begin an enjoyable and restful summer. As co-chairs of the CUGH Enabling Systems (ENSYS) committee, we are reaching out to request your help and insight.

This listserve is developed as part of what we hope will be a number of tools to engage members of the academic global health community whose work and expertise involve the administrative and operational aspects of running global health programs.

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