Our listservs are open access and provide an opportunity for our network to post messages directly without routing them first to the CUGH secretariat. Listserv members are asked to be judicious in listserv use to ensure that the listserv retains its value. If you wish to respond to an individual(s) cited in a listserv message, please contact them directly, if possible, and don’t reply to the entire listserv.

CUGH Global Health Education

This listserv is for faculty, student, and all those involved in global health education. To subscribe, send an email to: MSTR-GH-EDUC+subscribe@CUGH.groups.io

Global Health Operations

This listserv is developed as part of what we hope will be a number of tools to engage members of the academic global health community whose work and expertise involve the administrative and operational aspects of running global health programs.

The listserv serves as a forum for knowledge seeking and sharing, and for networking as well with colleagues across university campuses. We aim to fill its membership with faculty and administrative personnel alike in order to facilitate discourse between the two groups. To subscribe, send an email to: GHoperations+subscribe@CUGH.groups.io