July 30, 2020

The Black Lives Matter protests and the Covid-19 pandemic have shone a bright light on deep, longstanding disparities affecting Black Americans and other people of color in the United States.

These structural, race-based obstacles run across education, healthcare, housing, infrastructure, the justice system and other aspects of American society. Evidence-based solutions exist that can effectively remove these obstacles and improve outcomes for these disadvantaged groups.

This webinar will address what policymakers and communities need to do to tackle these long-standing challenges to improve socio-economic outcomes for Black Americans and other disadvantaged communities in the US.


Regina Davis PhD, MPH, MCHES is the associate Executive Director of Public Health Policy and Practice at the American Public Health Association. She oversees their Center for Public Health Policy. Dr. Davis has over 15 years managing national health promotion and disease prevention initiatives, addressing areas such as reproductive health, healthy aging, obesity prevention, health policy and increasing capacity in public health. Dr. Davis will discuss improving access to education and housing.


Keith Martin, MD, PC is a physician who, since September 2012, has served as the founding Executive Director of the Consortium of Universities for Global Health based in Washington, DC. CUGH is the world’s largest consortium of academic institutions engaged in improving the health of people and the planet. It harnesses the capabilities of its 186 institutional members across research, education, advocacy and service to achieve this goal.