The threats to our planet, humans and indeed all species run across one health, environmental health and planetary health. This working group was created to enable members of the three communities to collaborate across advocacy, research, education, and service to improve the health of the people and our planet. A central effort of this group is to identify initiatives that policymakers, communities or individuals  can implement that will improve the well being of people and improve environmental outcomes. It also identifies advocacy issues  and  educational material in this field  that can be shared with worldwide. 

If you are interested in contributing to this working group, please contact

Jonathan Patz (co-chair)
Philip Landrigan (co-chair)
Keith Martin (co-chair)
Corinne Wallace-Schuster (co-chair)
Patricia Conrad
Sanna Sokolow
Carlos Faerron
John Balbus
Samuel Myers
Renee Salas
Catherine Machalaba
Jill Raufman
Ted Mashima
Cheryl Stroud
Steve Luby
Ann Kurth
Katherine Burke
Steve Osofsky
Liz Grant
Anastasia Sumner
Olivier Lepage
Andrew Maccabe
Maureen Lichtveld
Marie Studer
Phaedra Henley
Quentin Eichbaum
Cecilia Sorensen
Liz Willetts
Quentin Eichbaum
Woutrina Smith

Planetary Health-One Health-Environmental Health Working Group Resources