Use the following links to find open-access toolkits, online courses, case studies, and other materials that are useful for the global health community. Many thanks goes to CUGH’s Educational Products Subcommittee for their work in curating and vetting many of the resources on this site.


“Reasoning Without Resources” Case Studies

“Reasoning Without Resources” is a case-series from rural Uganda. Its target audience is clinicians practicing in low resource settings, Medicine and Family Medicine residents, and senior medical students with an interest in clinical global health.

Global Health Priorities, Problems, Programs & Policies

These resources are especially useful for those engaged in global health education and those administering global health programs.

General Learning

This page contains resources outside the other topic areas, including general professional development. 

Decolonizing Global Health

This page contains resources useful to those engaged in the decolonization of global health and those looking to learn more about it.

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