August 18

This webinar introduces the Planetary Health Education Framework (PHEF) to the CUGH community. The PHEF is a transdisciplinary effort that aims to guide the education of global citizens, practitioners, and professionals able and willing to address the complex Planetary Health challenges of our world today.  The framework can be understood as a common foundational language that serves as the cornerstone for diverse education strategies. It intends to move beyond thematic areas of interest or a prescriptive list of competencies towards the recognition of the diverse inquiries (i.e, the why/affective, the what/representation, the how/strategic) that can shape Planetary Health Education.


Barbara Astle, PhD, RN
Professor of Nursing, Director, MSN Program Director,
Centre of Equity & Global Engagement
Trinity Western University

Teddie M. Potter, PhD, RN, FAAN, FNAP
Clinical Professor, Coordinator, Doctor of Nursing Practice in Health Innovation and Leadership
Director of Planetary Health
School of Nursing, University of Minnesota

Nicole Redvers, ND, MPH
Assistant Professor, Department of Family & Community Medicine
School of Medicine and Health Sciences
University of North Dakota
Board Chair
Arctic Indigenous Wellness Foundation

A. Alonso Aguirre D.V.M., M.S. Ph.D
Chair & Professor, Department of Environmental Science and Policy
Chair, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
George Mason University


Carlos A. Faerron Guzmán, M.D., M.Sc
Associate Director, Planetary Health Alliance
Director of Global Health Programs
University of Maryland
Baltimore Graduate School