May 11, 2021

Disinformation and the rise of anti-science beliefs has been named by the WHO as a top global health threat. It affects our ability to address everything from the Covid-19 pandemic, vaccine programs, climate change and more. Scientists and global health professionals have a vital role to combat disinformation. First Draft is a leading organization that uses proven techniques to empower individuals with the tools to address harmful and false information. Join Laura Garcia and Shaydanay Urbani from First Draft and learn the tools on how you can be more effective at addressing science disinformation. They will provide a run-through of the main narratives surrounding disinformation about vaccines and other issues, how to spot them, quick tricks to verify them and how to leverage your communication platforms to slow the spread of disinformation. There will be a Q and A for the registrants.


Laura Garcia
Training and Support Manager, First Draft

Shaydanay Urbani
Partnerships and Programmes Manager, First Draft


Dr. Keith Martin
Executive Director, Consortium of Universities for Global Health