November 20, 2019

The Global Health Starter Kit is a free, openly available, competency-based ‘starter’ curriculum for educators and trainees who are working toward unified standards for global oral health education to address the burden of oral diseases worldwide and their consequences. This webinar explores the journey of the Global Health Starter Kit’s development and implementation processes through educator and trainee eyes. It chronicles the development of global health competencies for dental education by the Consortium of Universities for Global Health’s Global Oral Health Interest Group; the didactic foundation taught in the Harvard classroom; the resulting open access global oral health curriculum (the Starter Kit); and early user reflections and outcomes from their experiences utilizing the Kit materials.

Participants will be led through a hands-on tour of the Global Health Starter Kit website. They will learn directly from ‘early adopters’ (a faculty member, a dental student, and a field-based educational director) who are using the Kit and how they are adapting and incorporating the Kit’s materials into their own teaching and learning experiences. The webinar will conclude with a Q&A with participants and provide an opportunity for others for provide feedback and ask questions about how they can optimize the materials for their own purposes moving forward. Next steps and future directions of the Global Health Starter Kit will also be deliberated during the Q&A, and participant questions and feedback will be valuable in shaping the future of the project.


Carlos Faerron MD, MSc
Founder and Director of the Inter American Center for Global Health

Preston Powers, DMD Candidate
Harvard School of Dental Medicine


Brittany Seymour DDS, MPH
Assistant Professor and Global Health Starter Kit PI
Harvard School of Dental Medicine